Download spreadsheet to assess wind load on solar panels

With wind load on solar Panels Analysis Spreadsheet, it becomes easier for installing Solar Panels on any roof. By applying this spreadsheet, one can verify whether it is reasonable to compute necessary ballast weight / fixings forces / roof loads from wind operating on Solar Panels (also known as solar modules, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic panels or PV modules). The design adheres to BRE Digest 489.

This spreadsheet is user-friendly. The spreadsheet allows several automatic calculations and with the pop-up UK & Ireland map, it is possible to define the wind pressures on projected solar panels with a single click of the mouse. So, a normal house owner gets the ability to utilize this spreadsheet for making calculation of required ballast weight.

The spreadsheets can deal with the following types of Solar Panels:

Photovoltaic modules with ballast: This type of modules is free from any fixings into prevailing roof structure and therefore, it is not to get through current roof membrane. It makes the process simple for post-installing Photovoltaic arrays. The spreadsheet computes ballast weight necessary to resist uplift, sliding and overturning.

Photovoltaic modules fixed to flat or pitched roof: Pitched roofs are mostly found in UK and Ireland. For utilizing them to support PV modules it is required to settle load bearing components directly inside the roof structure. In this situation, it is necessary to workout fixing forces retaining a PV module and thus loads on a supporting roof. These calculations can be made with this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet contains the following exclusive features :-

- Completely user-friendly;
- A normal house owner can use this excel sheet without any engineering knowledge;
- A comprehensible and easy to read output (all on a single page);

- Includes three PV classes:
1) PV modules mounted on or above pitched roofs;
2) PV stands mounted on flat roofs - free standing (with ballast);
3) PV stands mounted on flat roofs - mechanically fixed;

- Pop-up window for easy selection of wind loads inside UK and Ireland;
- Automatically works out dynamic wind pressure on the basis of site location, building size etc;
- User may overwrite dynamic wind pressure 'qs' and modify size effect factor 'Ca' if it was computed in another software;

- Automatically measures pressure coefficients for different situations;
- Covers open and enclosed support structures;
- For ballasted PV modules, spreadsheet evaluates sliding, overturning and uplift;
- For fixed PV modules, spreadsheet provides forces for which fixings should be designed;
- Live diagrams;
- Instant summary of results;
- Design is made by adhering to BRE Digest 489: 2004

Click on the following link to download the spreadsheet

Download spreadsheet to assess wind load on solar panels