Definition of striking and pointing in brickwork

The variation among 'striking' and 'pointing' is given below :-

? Striking stands for completing the mortar joints among the bricks which are placed freshly.
? Pointing means employing a small amount of mortar into the face joint among bricks (either freshly placed or in old brickwork). In new brickwork, harder mortar is used in pointing to enhance weather protection on uncovered faces. In old brickwork, pointing is frequently applied for fixing up mortar joints which are worn by exposition to the elements.

Styles of finishing - Either striking or pointing, the elementary finishes remain the similar:

FLUSHED: It is very complicated to provide flush finishing because of the deformities of maximum mass produced bricks.

It can be obtained by drawing a strip of wood having dimension 12mm wide, 6mm thick and 100mm long along the joints as soon as the mortar has begun to run off.

This is possibly the simplest finish for a new diyer to attain.

WEATHERED: Weathered finishing emits rain water and is treated as relatively long-lasting but it is difficult for a diyer to achieve a good finish.

The joint is prepared by drawing the blade of a small trowel, sloping marginally inwards at the top, backwards along the joint, the top edge of the trowel start joining the bottom of the bricks over the joint being struck.

Toward vertical joints, the edge of the trowel is connected with one of the side bricks and is disposed by the similar amount like the horizontal joint. Maintain the direction of the vertical strikes identical all over a wall, or else it may appear odd.

HOLLOW KEY: Hollow key ? It is built up by dragging a proper curved or round shaped piece of metal (i.e. tube or rod) along the joints.

STRUCK: Struck jointing is not recommended for exterior facings because it keeps the top most edge of the lower brick uncovered to the weather.

The actual method is equivalent to the weathered finish above, apart from that the trowel is angled inwards at the lowermost of each horizontal joint.

Definition of striking and pointing in brickwork
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