Structural Design of ASDIP Concrete

ASDIP Concrete is a set of modules which are fully devoted for the design of concrete members like beams, columns and walls depended on the newest ACI 318 specifications.

These specifications can explain the time wasting calculations in any type of structural engineering office; while this ASDIP Concrete 3.1.7v is developed by ASDIP Structural Software and can perform well with Windows. This is a trial version and the file size of the downloaded version is about 4.85 MB.

Here is the list of things which are found under this ASDIP Concrete:

Modules of ASDIP Concrete: This concrete is a unified, merged system that has a combination of flexibility of a fill-in-the-blanks format with the power of Windows Forms and both of them can easily develop either an optimal design or a fast investigation. ASDIP Concrete uses a screen with tabbed pages to enter the users? data directly onto the forms and allow seeing the results instantly which helps to control the design process, to get the detailed results and the graphics easily.

User Interface: The software uses pull-down menus, dialog boxes and in-field editing as the primary user interface, all these components help to manage and control the difficult design algorithms easily and transparently to the end user in a simple way. It also approves the input data to stop wrong format and users can automatically develop their design with the text-with-values output messages which are updated with every change.

Project Manager: It is a very important thing in the ASDIP Concrete System which takes care of both the calculations and files management from where anyone can create, copy, delete or print calculations, create and save projects and arrange the work.

Reports: The concrete creates high quality previously formatted reports with particular information of any design and optimize the design with the graphical interface, then print preview the results and finally print the report.

Trial Limitations:

? Report- Print disabled
? File- Save Disabled
? 15 day assessment period

ASDIP Concrete has the design of following types of concrete elements:

? Concrete Columns: The design of a concrete column under the action of axial loads and bending moments; while this module can calculates the enlarged moments for slimness of ASCE 7 load combinations and creates the column strength interaction diagram.

? Concrete Beams: The design of a concrete multi-span regular beam under the action of uniform and concreted loads while this module specifically calculate the bending and crop strength for various types of beams and load combinations per ASCE 7.
? Bearing Walls: The design of a concrete wall under the action of vertical and out-of-plane literal loads; the module calculates the magnified moments for slimness of ASCE 7 load combinations and creates the wall strength interaction plan.

Here is some similar software of ASDIP Concrete:

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ASDIP: It is a 13-module structural ser with a board of design solutions for new structural engineers.
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ASTRUTTIE: It is a strut-tie model design software for concrete members with disturbed stress regions.

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Structural Design of ASDIP Concrete