Some useful method to resist corrosion in suspension bridge cables

Corrosion of the cables in suspension bridges lead to the reduction of strength in the structure of bridge. Given below, the detailed information on the reasons and preventive measures to resist corrosion in suspension bridge cables.

The purpose of main cables in suspension bridge structure is to bear the load of bridge floor structure and the main cable is generally attached with the towers. Therefore, the functionality of the bridge structure is dependent on the safety and integrity of main cables.

The corrosion of main cables in suspension bridges causes because of several factors which should be taken into consideration for maintaining the safety of the bridge structure.

The corrosion of main cables should have been resisted by indicating the source of the issue and then initiate exact solutions.

Some useful methods to resist corrosion in main cables of suspension bridges.

The corrosion of main cables of suspension bridge mainly happens due to the difficulty for removing moisture out of the cable as the main cable generally has to undergo considerable movements to cope up with wind forces and seasonal temperature fluctuation.

For this reason, layers like coating area that is arranged for water segregation gets defective and the cable is uncovered to contentious materials. The most of the coatings do not contain sufficient elasticity or stability to provide protection against deformations resulting from temperature fluctuations and wind forces.

It is found that the main cable of suspension bridge that is secured with wrapping wire with past and coated with exact painting and the painting is reconditioned on a regular basis, have faced deterioration.

Given below, various methods which are used for providing protection against corrosion for main cable:

a. Enveloping main cable of suspension bridge
b. Corrosion inhibitors
c. Dry air or dehumidification method

Enveloping Main Cable of Suspension Bridge: Different types of materials like plastic, neoprene and others are utilized to enclose main cables and resist the aggression of water to get rid of corrosion of cable. Normally, this strategy will be useful when the cable has undergone certain degree of corrosion.

These methods are not recommended it only cover decayed areas and therefore it conceals such area from inspectors but also preserve moisture that worsen the situation.

It is found that complete waterproofing of suspension bridge main cables is done with different wrapping wires and materials and painting is not viable, and therefore moisture cannot be kept out of the main cables with this method.

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Some useful method to resist corrosion in suspension bridge cables