LIMIT STATE DESIGN: (A Text-book of Reinforced Concrete Structures)

Dr. Ram Chandra, M.E. (Hons.), B.E., M.I.E., Ph.D (Roorkee), Professor of Structural Engineering has written an exclusive e-book alias LIMIT STATE DESIGN: (A Text-book of Reinforced Concrete Structures).

In this book, the author briefly explains each basic concept, elementary method, equation or theory of interest to the student of reinforced concrete design in simple manner. S.I. system of units and new code IS: 456-1978 are fully utilized in the text.

The book is specifically designed for degree, diploma and A.M.I.E. students in different branches of engineering. This book on ?Limit State Design? is based on the provisions of code IS: 456-1978. Both the topics of this subject, ?Limit State of Collapse? and ?Limit State of Serviceability? are clearly explained to design the reinforced concrete structures and the structural elements.

Given below, some exclusive features of the book :-

a. Each topic presented is described in detail.
b. This book is entirely composed of SI system of units and with adherence to the Indian Standard specifications (IS: 456-1978) all through the text.
c. The text of this subject is started, presented and explained in such a manner that is suitable for the students.

d. The different notations applied all through throughout this text book adhere to code of practice IS: 456-1978.
e. A number of design examples are provided in each chapter to demonstrate the theory and practice. Unsolved design problems are also provided in each chapter.
f. The diagrams clearly demonstrate the detailing of reinforcement.
g. This book abides by the current design practice.

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LIMIT STATE DESIGN: (A Text-book of Reinforced Concrete Structures)