The detailed method of highway construction

By making extensive surveys and subgrade groundwork, highway construction is normally conducted. The methods and technology for constructing highways are upgraded in due course of time and turns to be more advanced.

The improvement in technology has increased the grade of skill sets essential for dealing with highway construction projects.

This skill differs from project to project, on the basis of different factors like the project?s complications and type, the contrasts among new construction and reconstruction, and variations among urban region and rural region projects.

There exist various components of highway construction which are segregated into technical and commercial components of the system. Given below, some illustrations of them:

Technical Components -

a. Materials
b. Material quality
c. Installation systems
d. Traffic

Commercial Components -

a. Contract understanding
b. Ecological characteristics
c. Political characteristics
d. Legal characteristics
e. Public interests

Generally, construction starts at the lowermost elevation of the site, in spite of the project type, and moves upward. After evaluation of the geotechnical specifications of the project, the following information is provided:

Present ground conditions -

a. Necessary apparatus for excavation, grading, and material transportation to and from the site
b. Characteristics of materials to be excavated
c. Necessity of dewatering for below-grade work

d. Necessity of shoring for excavation protection
e. The quantities of water for compaction and dust control

The detailed method of highway construction