The process of concrete by weight and volume

atching is defined as the method for computing & combining the various components (cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water) for the formation of concrete prior to mixing following the mix design.

If this calculation is accomplished based on the volume, it is known as volume batching. Batching is categorized as follow :-

1) Volume batching
2) Weigh batching

Volume batching: In volume batching, the mass of each component is not calculated before batching, rather than there are some fabricated boxes(generally wooden) which are calculated in volume to retain the concrete components.

? This method is normally suitable for small jobs.
? Gauge boxes are applied for estimating the fine and coarse aggregate.
? The volume of gauge box has the similarity with the volume of one bag of cement.
? Gauge bow are also titled as FARMAS.
? They are formed with timbers or steel.
? Normally, they are created as deep and narrow.
? Normally, bottomless gauge boxes are not recommended for application.
? At the time of filling the gauge boxes the material should be filled loosely, no compaction is permissible.

Weigh batching: Weigh batching is the proper and most recognized method of estimating concrete ingredients. Weigh batching is performed in very vital modern concrete batching and mixing plants.

? Batching by weight is better than volume batching in terms of perfectness. Besides, it offers more consistent proportioning. It is always recommended professionally.

? It does not contain uncertainties related to bulking.
? Its equipment?s are divided into 3 general categories.
? Manual
? Semi-automatic
? Fully automatic.
? If batching is done by hand all weighing and batching of concrete are performed by hand. It is suitably for small jobs.

? For semi-automatic batching the aggregate bin gates are opened by operating switches with hand and gates are closed automatically when the material is delivered. This system also comprises of interlock that resists charging and discharging.

The process of concrete by weight and volume