Some useful tips for footing excavation measurements

In this informative construction video tutorial, you will learn how to make calculation for earthwork excavation on the basis of elementary thumb rules. Besides, you will also learn how to make cross examination at the time of estimation.

This video is very useful for building engineer or civil site engineer.

Normally, earthwork is necessary for all the civil engineering projects roads, railways, earth dams, canal bunds, buildings etc.

This earthwork may range from either excavation or earth filling or sometimes both will reach out to as per the required shape and level.

Fundamentally, the volume of earthwork is measured from length, breadth and depth of excavation or filling.

The following items are included in earthwork :- Excavation, Backfilling, Disposal of surplus earth

Here, the calculation is done on the basis of IS Code 1200 for BOQ.

The calculation of earthwork billing is done in the following ways :-

1) Mode of measurement of billing ? Types of measurement used for billing of excavation. It is done with the formula like Length x Breadth x Height/Depth

2) Different types of billing ? a) R.A. Bill (Running Account Bill)
b) Find Bill

To get more details about the calculation of earthwork excavation, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: CE&T-Civil Engg & Technology

Some useful tips for footing excavation measurements