Some crucial tips to check the quality of Fe 500D TMT bars

To make your house stronger, it?s vital to use standard quality of the TMT bars which build up the foundation of your constructions. Fe 500D rods are considered as the most safe and quality bars in the market to safeguard your homes against natural disasters whereas providing the flexibility and greater strength for your house.

Given below, some useful tips to verify the quality of the Fe 500D rods obtainable in the market.

1. Manufacturing Brand: Collect proper information for the manufacturers of the TMT bars to get a fair idea concerning their specific production cycle, quality tests they maintain for the exacting quantities of sulphur, phosphorus and carbon in the Fe 500D grade, and the number of years they are in the market. It becomes easier to rely on a brand after understanding their method and manufacturing guidelines and how strictly they abide by the quality standards set out. So, it is recommended to purchase from the dealers who are affiliated with such trusted brands.

2. Quality check reports: Top brands maintain quality as well as detailed reports from top laboratories to reveal their dedication to retain the perfect quality of their products. So, such brands provide logical reports on their raw materials with their dealers which are accessible for you to examine and understand. With these trustworthy reports on the exacting factors of raw-material quantity, consistent quality of the Fe 500D rods, process compliance for the greater rods, etc, you are more intimated about the products to be purchased which form the basic foundation of your homes and other constructions.

For the Fe 500D variant, the quantities of sulphur, phosphorus, and carbon are essential for the quality of the rods and they should not go beyond the following amounts in the reports, according to the BIS prescriptions:

Carbon level: 0.25
Phosphorus level: 0.045
Sulphur level: 0.045
Phosphorus and Sulphur combined levels : 0.080

3. Symbol of Certification: Each industry is verified for quality standards and the brands and companies who stringently abide by the guidelines are awarded with a symbol of trust through the relatable tags and marks. For the Steel industry, the standard BIS mark demonstrates the superior quality in the products and processes of the manufacturing industry. This mark is found for each product provided by such a company. Search for such certification marks to make sure that the quality products are purchased from your dealers.

4. Trusted Dealer: Dealers or sales representatives associated with quality brands can be trusted to provide quality products for your requirement. If purchase is made from sensible dealers who are liable for gathering all crucial reports for the raw-materials, processes, etc whereas conducting their own tests and research to produce quality products. Check all the reviews and comments about the dealers from other builders and customers who have already purchased the products from them earlier to take an up to date decision.

By undertaking all these steps, make sure that the products to be purchased are not only give value for money but also impart the long-term protection of the Fe 500D TMT rods promise. Fe 500D bars that satisfy all the required guidelines are accredited with the respected BIS mark.

Some crucial tips to check the quality of Fe 500D TMT bars