Some useful tips to compute the quantity of shuttering

In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the detailed process for computing various components like plywood, bellies, nails, shuttering oil contained in shuttering.

Shuttering stands for a temporary platform that is built up with wooden planks, wooden logs, steel rods or bamboos upon which formwork is supported and finally pouring of concrete is performed. The shuttering will be disposed of as soon as concrete attains their desire strength.

Here, the calculation is based on thumb rule. In thumb rule, a constant number is selected and it is multiplied with covered area to obtain the approx quantity. The result produced through thumb rule is almost similar to the actual quantity. Therefore, by using thumb rule, it becomes easier to work out the approx quantities.

As for instance, presume there is a covered area of 2000 square feet and the RCC slab will be built up there. To work out the quantity of shuttering plywood, nails, shuttering oil, clamps etc. the following formula will be used :-

Here, the wooden shuttering is used. The quantity of the shuttering should be calculated in numbers or running foots.

1. PLYWOOD: 12 MM THICK (8' X 4')
= Covered area x Thumb rule
= 2000 sft x 0.02
= 40 No?s

2. WOODEN BATTENS : (3? X 3?)
= Covered area x Thumb rule
=2000 sft x 0.4
= 800 rft (running feet)

= Covered area x Thumb rule
= 2000 x 0.24
= 480 rft (running feet)

To learn how to calculate the quantities of other components, watch the following video.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

Some useful tips to compute the quantity of shuttering