How to Stay Cool on the Summer Construction Jobsite

Extreme heat can have a major impact on even the fittest workers who work outdoors. It's not just a part of your job to ignore it. The work has to happen regardless of the circumstances, but you want to do it without compromising your health or wellbeing.

Despite those long, hot days, there are ways you can survive. Others are based on newer technologies and fresh thinking, while others are classic and common sense.

If a heat-wave hits and the mercury rises, the news is full of ideas to help people stay cool. The solution is primarily to avoid the heat and find cool spots like malls and movie theaters.

1. Keep your body fully hydrated during job site

Drinking water when you are thirsty is not the way to replenish fluids. It is much better to drink at the time of thirst. The best thing you can do is drink something every 15 to 20 minutes. Furthermore, it's a good idea to start drinking before your day even gets underway since you'll be fully hydrated from the start.

You bring a water bottle to work with you and refill it throughout the day to make sure you're never short of fluids, especially water. Custom water bottles boost morale and enforce hydration for your team so they can perform better.

2. Proper Dress Code

It's essential to protect yourself from the sun's rays when the sun is especially scorching. To help keep your body at a healthy temperature, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes that breathe. When possible, wear a hat while working.

When the temperatures rise, it's tempting to take off clothing, but it won't keep you cool if you leave your skin exposed. It also poses a danger of severe sunburns and heat stroke, conditions that could keep you off work, in addition to being unhealthy.

3. Layer on Sunscreen

Sun protection is important for your skin. You should pay special attention to your nose, your ears, and the back of your neck, which are the most vulnerable to burns. You have to work hard in that hot sun since you're not just lazing on the beach. Sunscreen easily washes away by sweat, or it may be less effective, so reapply as often as necessary.

4. Take Cover

You always look for any moment during your workday when you can step out into the shade. It doesn't matter if you dress for the weather and you cover your skin with sunscreen. When possible, move some tasks to covered areas and take breaks in the shade. When you assign projects to the crew, be sure to rotate them properly to give everyone a break from the sun.

5. Proper Diet

A heavy lunch, especially one filled with protein, is not advisable if you are working in the heat. In general, you should eat smaller meals and snacks during the day, as if your body is breaking down heavy foods, your body will produce more metabolic heat. For electrolyte replenishment, make sure to consume leafy green vegetables as well as fresh fruit and nuts.

6. Always Carry Damp Towel at Construction Site

As you begin your workday, encircle your neck with the towel. This neck scarf will keep your neck cool as it melts while protecting your neck from harmful sun rays.

Additionally, wrapping ice wrapped in a cloth and applying it to various body parts can be beneficial. The armpits might sound gross, but they are a great place to start. You'll feel cooler right away if you place ice blocks under your pits.

7. Time Management

It's worth starting your day a little earlier if you can. The midday sun ramps up the temperature during the afternoon, so getting your most physically challenging parts of the job done before then will make your late afternoon much more pleasant. You can also consider scheduling some of your days to coincide with the cooler evening hours if you start earlier in the day.

8. Keep a Bucket of Ice Water nearby

A simple icy bucket of water will give you great relief on a hot summer day if your job does not require you to be constantly on the move. Make it convenient for people to get a cold, quick splash on your worksite, or keep towels damp and cool on your skin by drenching them in it.

9. Always Keep Check of Warning Signs

Heat exhaustion can cause by excessive sun exposure, so have a cooler environment nearby if you feel your body is overheating. You should seek medical attention immediately if you believe the condition has progressed to heatstroke. If you must work outside in the heat, on the side of caution; your health is too important to risk it.

10. Fire up a Fan

The sensation of sweat evaporating from your skin increases faster in the presence of a working fan because sweat evaporates from your skin faster than when the air is still.

Fans are available, but they require physical effort to operate, which we do not want when it's hot.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: For Construction Pros

Wrapping it Up

Those words of wisdom wouldn't apply to most people but to hardworking people who have to stand in the heat day after day. You know the challenges of working outdoors, and you often cannot take a break in an air-conditioned room when you have work to do.

The key to surviving the heat is preparation and planning. That is a normal part of any job. Different bodies respond differently to different types of work, and not all jobs requiring outdoor work are created equal. Making sure you always have water is one of the simplest tricks.

How to Stay Cool on the Summer Construction Jobsite
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