Most Popular Apps for Builders and Contractors

Nowadays the smartphones lead the road to provide various solutions and mobility to construction workers and management. Android apps are very popular because people look into the apps to fulfill their needs and get help from it.

There are few popular android apps available for builders and contractors also. Builders and contractors can install or uninstall it any time. The List of android apps which are useful for builders and contractors mentioned below.


1. SmartBidNet is an iPhone app.
2. This app consists bid management system.
3. This app will allow the users for creating and tracking the bid process with subcontractors and various companies in a very secure way.
4. This useful app provides the users with the important information. So, it makes the bid projects comparatively easier and on time.


Nowadays BIM is used widely in construction industry. GoBIM application allows the builders and contractors to access 3D based BIM models and necessary data. Size of the model depend upon three factors. The factors are:

1. The number of triangles.
2. The number of parameters.
3. The number of materials.


1. Builders and contractors are able to draw technical drawing and computer will assist them.
2. After completing the final design, it can be saved and sent via email or printed.
3. CAD designs can be made at the site and also be saved in various format.
4. It is very easy to use application.

Plan Grid

1. This app is very easy to use.
2. This app is superb to be manage and get up to date with the updated version of drawing.
3. This app also allows the users for publishing the latest drawing to a cloud server and the drawings can be shared with all team members.
4. This application can keep the old version of the same drawing and will alert the users after viewing an outdated drawing.

Carpenter's helper lite

1. This app will help the users to calculate roof pitch, rafter lengths, and stair lengths.
2. This app also has graphical interface that able to calculate the stair, roof and floor projects.


1. Allows the users to set up the ready-mix concrete directly from any gadgets.
2. After placing orders users can track delivery times.
3. This app will maintain the record like amount of concrete.
4. This app will support photos soon.

Fast concrete pad calculator

1. This app calculates the needed quantity of concrete and rebar for the next project.
2. It also calculates waste materials, concrete and rebar costs.
3. Users can get all necessary information for ordering concrete.

OSHA heat safety tool

1. This app sends the reminder to the builders about protective measures to protect the workers from heat related illness.
2. It also reminds the users for drinking enough water, rest time, emergency work, workload heat illness signs and symptoms.

Roofing calculator

1. This app calculates the number of roofing shingles, squares.
2. Users can input cost per bundle and waste overage percentage which are included in Roofing Calculators.


1. This app allows the users for creating and managing punch list items, access contact data, share and store project photos and log timecard entries.
2. Users are also able to manage the construction schedules, RFI, and also change orders.

Advantages of applications

1. This app provides the users with the important information.
2. This app is very easy to use.
3. Users can track delivery times.

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Most Popular Apps for Builders and Contractors