10 Useful Civil Engineering Software Programs

Civil Engineering makes use of several software packages. A multitude of software applications is being developed to serve civil engineering needs due to the Technological Revolution. Therefore, listing out all of these would be a complicated task. There are multiple sub-disciplines to Transportation Engineering like Structural Engineering, Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Construction Planning. Civil engineers worldwide use these applications frequently.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

One of the most important innovations in the 21st century has been Building Information Modeling. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an effective tool for architects, engineers, and construction professionals (AEC). It enhances building planning, design, construction, construction management, and maintenance.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, Revit, is specifically designed to help construction professionals create coordinated, model-based approaches to bring ideas to construction. It combines the functionality of all three Revit disciplines (architecture, mechanical, and electrical) in one streamlined interface.


The AUTOCAD program by Autodesk allows the construction projects to draft and documented. Many structural design firms and consultancies use this software, especially in India. Modeling in 3D is also possible using AUTOCAD 3D.

Design & analysis have been disrupted by AUTODESK, a leader in software innovation. Architects, engineers, manufacturers, and designers can benefit from its software for Computer-aided design, modeling, drafting, and engineering software.

MS Excel

Spreadsheet software from Microsoft is called Excel. With Visual Basic for Applications, users can create macro programming languages, calculations, graphs, and pivot tables. This spreadsheet is widely used on these platforms. Surveying, Analysis, and Design are used widely in Civil Engineering.


Many professionals in the construction industry choose Bentley System's STAAD PRO for designing and analyzing structures.

Due to its flexible modeling environment, advanced features, and streamlined collaboration, STAAD PRO has unique capabilities in steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of all kinds of structures, including culverts, power plants, bridges, tunnels, and much more.


Primavera offers its customers the best-in-class solutions for the mission-critical needs of industries like engineering & construction, public sector, defense, utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, and IT & services.

Primavera PPM expects to provide the first comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution by combining Oracle's project financials, workforce, supply chain, product lifecycle, business intelligence, and infrastructure software. The solution aims to help companies optimize resource and supply chain management, reduce costs, manage changes, meet delivery deadlines, and ultimately make better decisions utilizing real-time data.

3Ds Max

Animators use 3DS Max to create visual effects. In visual graphics and interior design, this software is primarily used for modeling and rendering.


Geographic Information Systems use ARCGIS. A thematic map can be created using it. By using ARCGIS for Desktop, location awareness can be achieved.

Perform traditional and advanced spatial analysis, create high-quality maps, and solve real-life problems based on the collected data. Your company, your community, and the entire world will benefit when you make a difference.


Calculations, distributions, flow analyses, etc., can be easily performed with MathCAD.

Engineering calculations are carried out using MATHCAD by PTC, the engineering software company. Its ease of use, powerful capabilities, and open architecture make it ideal for engineers, organizations, and academics.

You can do calculations in MATHCAD, analyze them, document them, and share them easily. Calculations appear on the screen alongside text and images, which makes it easier for knowledge to be captured, reused, and retested. That improves the quality of products and allows them to develop faster.


This software tool analyses traffic through the use of PTV VISSIM. With PTV VISSIM, you can analyze and plan urban and extra-urban transportation systems to achieve an optimal level of efficiency. The simulation software can, for example, create 3D animations for different situations that include detailed calculations. Decision-makers and the general public can easily comprehend and understand the planned infrastructure measures.

SAP 2000

Structures can also be designed and analyzed by SAP2000. Several structural firms use it as well. Templates are available in SAP2000 for quickly starting a new model.

Structures in SAP2000 include simple beams, 3D trusses, 3D frames, storage vessels, staircases, and dam structures. With great precision, you can view and manipulate mathematical and physical models. View complex geometry with ease and create customized views and elevations.

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