Types of Heavy Equipment used for Construction

We often think about what it takes to construct a building and there are so many types of construction equipment that contractors and builders use to get the job done. You will find many types of construction projects, from homes to road maintenance to buildings and highways also, all of which are getting done somewhere in the world at all times.

Heavy equipment is rare used from the very beginning of a project, even frequently the demolition of building needs equipment, as well as the equipment used by a reputed company.

To successfully get the job done, the variation of heavy equipment is used there and so many different choices are available, from backhoes to excavators, pavers, and boom trucks. Skyline Crane which offers so many crane rentals, like boom truck rental etc, which is essential for the completion of other products.

Types of Construction Equipment

1. Backhoe: Backhoe is highly used equipment and suitable for multiple purposes. The hoe arrangement which provided on the back side of vehicle when loading bucket is provided in the front. This is use for excavating trenches, front bucket loading and unloading, lifting of materials.

2. Bulldozers: Bulldozers which are the different types of soil excavating equipment this are used to remove the topsoil layer up to particular depth. Soil and others things remove by the sharp edged wide metal plate provided at its front. This plate can be lower and upper using hydraulic pistons. Bulldozers use for remove weak soil or rock,lifting soil and other things.

3. Paver: Paver is one of the most widely heavy equipment for construction. The machine is use to lay asphalt on the surface of the road. This is similar as tar, When it gets ready and then loaded into the dump truck, this process is called pavers hopper.

This conveyor will start to move the asphalt from the hopper and then it is called auger, in these places a heap of asphalt on the ground. Then the asphalt is spread across the road with the screed providing compaction before the roller is used. Besides roads, pavers are also use on bridges and parking lots.

4. Excavator: Excavators are one of the most important types of construction equipment and it’s highly used in the construction industry.

You can use an excavator like heavy lifting when tree cutting and river dredging. This machine is massive, it has a long arm and at the end of this, where you will find a digging bucket. And you will also find a cabinet for the machine operator.

5. Compactors: Compactors and Rollers are used to compact the material or earth surface. The types of compactors are available for different compacting purposes.

Smooth wheel rollers which used for compacting shallow layers of soil and asphalt etc. and sheep-foot rollers are used for deep compaction purposes. Pneumatic tyred rollers are used for compacting the fine grained soils, asphalt layers etc.


So you have get the most commonly uses heavy construction equipment that anyone going into the construction industry. You will not need these pieces of heavy equipment for the construction but the demolition process is well.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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Types of Heavy Equipment used for Construction