Heavy Construction Equipments often used and their types

We have no clear idea of how these huge structures like buildings, skyscrapers, and huge bridges were constructed. How much manpower plus heavy machinery were required in order to perfectly construct a structure. Heavy equipment was introduced for this kind of purpose that is reluctantly working day and night throughout the whole world.

These kinds of heavy machinery are often used from the very beginning of the construction process. Using this kind of heavy construction equipments, contractors can construct a structure comparatively easily. Nowadays heavy constructional equipment has taken heavy responsibilities and made construction comparatively easy.

And in this fast pace world contractors have various options on choosing the perfect equipment to get their job done. Below are a few types of construction equipments discussed.

Types of Heavy Construction Equipments

Excavator: This is widely used heavy construction-based equipment globally recognized. This Excavator is heavy machinery generally used to excavate but it has other utilities too like heavy objects lifting, demolition of a structure, river dredging, cutting of trees to clear land for the construction, etc.

Excavators have a long arm and a chamber where the operator is, at the end of that long steel arm a huge digging bucket is provided. Like a military tank, this upper portion including the operator’s chamber and the steel arm can rotate at 360 degrees.

Backhoe: This is another widely used heavy construction equipment usually to perform various tasks. Its name is appropriate according to its function. It has a hoe provided at his back and a loading bucket is given at the front.

This is usually an excavating materials used to demolish or clear a land for construction. It also have front and back bucket for loading unloading and also to lift heavy objects.

Paver: The paver is basically used to create roadways. It is also widely used equipments. Its main and only job is to lay asphalt on the road surface. Asphalt is basically tar, which is first processed and then loaded into the truck, and then it is transferred to these pavers.

This equipment will gradually move while placing a heap of asphalt on the flat surface. Before the roller, the paver spread the asphalt across the pavements. Besides roads, this paver can also be used in creating parking lots and bridges.

Bulldozer: Bulldozer is very frequently used heavy construction equipments often used by the contractors to get his job done. This is very effective during the soil evacuation process. This machine has wide, sharp-edge metal buckets for unloading and loading at the front used to remove soil.

The hydraulics sharp-edge metal bucket has hydraulic pistons that are used for lifting heavy objects and unloading them. The sharp part in that bucket is what is used to clear the ground and lift or shift rocks, sand, sands, and rubble during construction work.

Dump Truck: This is a huge construction widely used. This is technically transportation equipment used for sifting these items like debris, soil, sands, and gravel to the construction site.

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Dump trucks have an open-box space used to carry construction items and have in-build hydraulic rams at the front to lift the portion at the time of dumping the items. This truck is also used in coal mining industries to transport items.

Heavy Construction Equipments often used and their types