Use and benefits of self compacting concrete

Self-consolidating concrete alias self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a concrete mixture that can flow into very complex forms with various reinforcing bars (rebar congestion) and leaves no voids.

It can be arranged with its own weight devoid of any mechanical vibration. SCC retains all the conventional mechanical and durability characteristics of concrete.

With extremely fluid nature of SCC, it becomes possible to arrange it in complicated conditions and in sections with congested reinforcement. It can also reduce hearing-related damages on the worksite due to vibration of concrete. In SSC, the required time is curtailed significantly for arranging bigger sections.

In some cases, the superplasticizers and viscosity modifier are provided to the mix to minimize bleeding and segregation.

A well designed SCC mix never segregates because it contains extreme deformability and outstanding stability characteristics.

Self-Compacting Concrete Properties: Self-compacting concrete has good resistance capacity against segregation as it applies mineral fillers or fines as well as special admixtures. Self-consolidating concrete is essential to flow and fill special forms under its own weight. It is flown adequately to travel over extremely reinforced areas, and should have capability to circumvent segregation of aggregate.

Self-compacting concrete contains an equivalent water cement or cement binder ratio that provides normally a slightly higher strength with regards to conventional vibrated concrete and because of non-existence of vibration, a better interface among the aggregate and hardened paste is created.

The concrete mix of SCC should be arranged at a comparatively greater velocity as compared to regular concrete. Self-compacting concrete is placed from heights longer than 5 meters exclusive of aggregate segregation. It is also useful for areas having normal and congested reinforcement, with aggregates as large as 2 inches.

Self-Compacting Concrete Uses - Self-compacting concrete is mostly utilized in bridges and even on pre-cast sections. This type of concrete is suitable for the following:

? Drilled shafts
? Columns
? Earth retaining systems
? Areas with high concentration of rebar and pipes/conduits

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Use and benefits of self compacting concrete