Some useful guidelines on Vastu for a Living Room

The Vastu for Living Room provides a series of fundamental rules and if these rules are pursued properly, you along with your family can live problem free life in the Living Room. It is very crucial to keep the face of the living room to the East or the North direction. It is recommended to keep the face of your living room to the North as it will bring more prosperity. Toward North faced room, remember that the room should be larger in size with regard to the rest rooms of your house facing other directions but the height of the room should be little short.

In Living Room Vastu Shastra, the drawings, patterns and designs are dependent on the arrangements with the directions known as North, South, East and West. Living Room Vastu Shastra is mostly utilized over the ages on Hindu architecture and also in other arenas like vehicles, furniture, sculpture, paintings, so on.

Living Room Vastu placement: Beside maintaining face of the room to the proper direction, Vastu for living room also suggests to keep the slope of its flooring towards the North or the East. Regarding the doors, the eastern and the western doors are treated very sacred for your living room. The decorative items which are situated inside, particularly the heavy materials like the show case and all, should be arranged in the West or the South direction.

Vastu for living room also describes that the sitting position of the head of the family should have been in the North or the East. It is recommended not to arrange the television set to the North-east or the South-west rather it?s face should be directed to South-east. The telephone set should be kept either in the North or the East or the South-East direction. It is also suggested that the statues or portraits of Gods and goddesses should be arranged in the North-east corner. If any stuff of animal hide or skin is arranged on the walls, it should be hanging on the North-west walls.

Colors on Wall as per Vastu: Vastu for living room also reveals a vital factor about the color of the walls. Try to circumvent employing red or black for the walls. Painting on it should be done with colors like blue, yellow, white or green. Arrange the fanciful chandelier slightly to the West side of the room and it shouldn?t be positioned at the center. The shape of the furniture should be as much as possible square or rectangle and not circular, oval, hexagonal or shaped like an egg.

Some useful guidelines on Vastu for a Living Room