Some useful guidelines to create concrete steps

The process is simple for developing concrete steps. Given below, the details steps for developing concrete steps which involve setting up the size, creating the sub-base, making the forms, pouring, finishing and curing the concrete from start to finish.


STEP 1. FIGURING THE SIZE of your concrete steps. Prior to start building concrete steps, verify with your local building codes to ensure you abide by any dimensions which are necessary. It is also required to search for what is essential for handrails.

A "riser" stands for the vertical face of the step and a "tread" belongs to the horizontal surface of the step. To find out the size of the concrete stairs on the whole, initially it is required to measure the total rise and run of the steps to be built up.

Calculate the distance from the ground to where the landing or top platform of the steps should remain. This measurement is called as the total rise of the stairs.

As for instance, for total rise of 28 inches, 4 risers of 7 inches are preferred. In case of total rise is 24 inches, then 4 risers of 6 inches are preferred. A comfortable riser is generally will be among 6 - 8 inches.

After getting the amount of risers, the run can be calculated. Each tread should be minimum 12 inches deep for a rise of 6 - 8 inches. The top tread or landing should be adequately large to place at ease when the steps set off an entry.

From the above example, we find that if the top landing is 36 inches and the rest 3 treads are 12 inches, the total run of the concrete steps is 6 feet out from the face of the building. If it is too distant then the top landing should be modified to suit your requirements.

STEP 2. Another crucial step is to arrange the base for developing the concrete steps. After the rise and run of your concrete steps are settled, the width can be easily obtained. The width should be minimum 6 inches extended as compared to the doorway on each side.

All the ground in front of the door should be leveled minimum 6 inches extended as compared to the size of the concrete stairs. Dig down and eliminate any grass or topsoil to a depth of minimum 6 inches.

Once the topsoil is eliminated and the area is leveled, the area should be filled with gravel or crushed rock. Compact the newly filled material with a hand tamper to provide you a solid base to start.

For a cold climate area, set 2 inches of styrofoam prior to fill with gravel to reatin the frost from entering under the stairs and moving them up and down.

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Some useful guidelines to create concrete steps