Some useful terms of construction materials

In civil engineering sectors, there are different types of terms associated with various construction materials. Given below, the details about them.

Aggregate: It belongs to all particles of sand, broken stone or gravel etc. which are applied to form Concrete.

Bulking: It means the surge in volume of sand or aggregate resulting from the absorption of Water.

Concrete: Concrete belongs to a building material that comprises of specified quantities of Cement, Sand, Aggregates and water. At the time of mixing, transmission and placing, the concrete sets and solidifies through the method of hydration as the water reacts with cement and binds other elements finally results in producing a material similar to stone.

Curing: The process of retaining the concrete damp once it is arranged in its position to finish the chemical combination of cement and water.

Final Setting: It happens when the concrete has been properly set but has not been solidified yet.

There should be adequate time for the framework to be detached. Final set happens in about 3 to 4 hours with ordinary cement and should not require in excess of 10 hours.

Hardening: It specifies the increase in strength of a mortar or concrete and occurs at the end of the initial set.

Initial Setting: The period passed between the time when water is added initially to time of cement to develop a paste and the time when that paste is stopped to be fluid and plastic to a certain degree under the specified conditions of test.

Lean mix: It belongs to a concrete mix with a low cement content.

Screeding: It means acquiring a level surface as the exact height with the use of a piece of wood or metal containing a straight edge.

Setting: It stands for the chemical action that starts when water is added to cement and causes the plastic nature of cement to go away gradually. There are initial set and final set of cement.

Segregation: It means the detachment of the particles with various sizes in a concrete mix. The bigger aggregates settle at the bottom. Segregation impacts the strength of the concrete significantly.

Striking: It means dismantling and elimination of form work or centering.

Workability: It is the property of the freshly mixed concrete(or mortar) that ascertains the ease or difficulty with which it can be treated in order to make full compaction.

Some useful terms of construction materials