Usefulness Of Construction Geometry For Roof Framing

Michael Nauth presents an informative construction video on construction geometry with Pythagoras' Theorem and Similar Triangles and Trigonometry. The geometries can simplify the estimation of roof framing.

Construction Geometries are used to draw shapes, angles or lines precisely.

The construction phase will be completed successfully with proper knowledge of fundamental geometry. Points, lines, measurements and angles are frequently utilized to lay out the building by following the architect drawings.

These elementary geometry elements are utilized by the grading subcontractor to outline the land and assure accurate drainage from property.

The concert, framing and roofing subcontractor applies strings and plums to create the blueprint. The roofers apply pitch and angles to assure drainage of rainwater.

The structural engineers utilize geometry in their design with the intension of estimating the spacing of the columns and beams for detecting exact strength of the building.


Usefulness of Construction Geometry for Roof Framing