Variations among Plinth Area and Carpet Area

In this construction video tutorial, you will come to know the variation among carpet area and plinth area as well as types of area included and excluded in carpet and plinth area.

Carpet area means the actual utilized area of a building. Floor area is similar to carpet area. Built up Area is the carpet area along with the width of outer walls and the balcony.

Super Built Up Area means the built up area along with the proportional area of common areas like the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. Generally, carpet area is 75% of super built up area.

Plinth Area or Built-Up Area means total covered area of the building unit. It is measured by adding areas of utility ducts surrounded by property unit, internal and external walls to the carpet are. It covers 10 to 20% more area from carpet area.

In carpet area, included items are all rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, store and balconies and excluded items are porch, lift, corridor etc.

In plinth area, included items are carpet area, internal & external walls, cover of stairs, porch excluding cantilever and excluded items are balconies, curvature of building (curves & sheds to enhance the look of the buildings) etc.

To get more clear ideas, go through the following construction video tutorial.

Video Source: F&U-FORYOU

Variations among Plinth Area and Carpet Area