What are the exact room sizes, basic needs and vastu position of any Indian residential building?

To sustain a convenient and healthful life, the room space in the house should be used in an efficient manner. So, you should have sufficient knowledge on lowest room size, basic needs and exact position of various rooms in the conventional Indian residential building which are based on day-to-day activities in the household, sun?s location, privacy and grouping of rooms for smooth access and Vastu Sastra preference for house.

In this article, you will get all the details of the above mentioned topics :-

Living Room: Living room is located in the entrance of the house. It has direct connectivity with other rooms like kitchen, bedroom, staircase and bathroom.

In this place all the family members frequently meet. So, there must be adequate natural lighting and air circulation via large windows. The facing of windows should be in east and north direction to arrange sufficient lighting and ventilation.

Least room size for living room= 16 sq.m with 3m on one side.

Position, direction for living room with adherence to Vastu Sastra = North-East (Eshanya = Direction of health, power and prosperity)

Bed Room: Bed room is treated as the private rooms for family members where they perform different activities. Master bedrooms involve attached bathroom and toilet. Privacy is a great concern for this room. These rooms are frequently utilized in the night-time and early morning hours and so their facing should be in south direction or North-East direction to experience direct sunlight and heat in the early morning hours.

Least room size of bedrooms= 12 sq.m

Position, direction for Bedroom as per Vastu Sastra = South direction (Dhakshin Yama = Direction of health, happiness, growth and female love). Keep away from North-West direction.

Also, sleep with head facing south direction because earth magnetic influence.

Kitchen: Kitchen should be built up on the North-East or South-East direction with windows facing East. Modern kitchen should be constructed with shelves, loft, sink, storage and exhaust. It should be open and smoothly approachable to the living room and dining area to track the activities as well as keep in contact with other members in dining.

Least room size for kitchen = 8 sq.m

Position, direction for Kitchen with adherence to Vastu Sastra = South-East direction with cooking faces east (Agneya or Agni = Direction of health)

Agni mulai as per vastu sastram of tamilnadu
Next option is North-West direction(Vayavya or Vayu)
or finally North-East Direction (Eshanya)
Required area of the staircase is based on the type and position of the staircase.
Least width of steps = 1 m
Landing size = 1.2 m
Rise = 150 to 180 mm
Tread = 250 to 300

Position, direction for staircase as per Vastu Sastra = South or South-West direction.

What are the exact room sizes, basic needs and vastu position of any Indian residential building?