Advantages and Disadvantages of Waffle Slab or Flat Grid

Flat grid is also known as Waffle slab. It is a type of building material. On the outside of Flat Grid, it has two directional reinforcement. That?s why it looks like pockets. On wood, metal and concrete structure Waffle slab is very common nowadays.


1. This type of reinforcement provides resilience to the structure.
2. It does not require any extra material.
3. The surface of this type of slab is smooth.
4. There is no need of using many columns.
5. This type of foundation is crack and sagging resistant.
6. Waffle slab has the ability to hold lots of loads.
7. There is no requirement of beam mining.
8. Rolled fill does not require to use in Waffle slab.
9. In Flat Grid trench mesh can be used.
10. Thickness of Waffle slab is 85 to 100 mm.
11. Minimal concrete volume is found in Waffle slab.
12. Curving this type of slab is lower than any footing slabs.
13. In Waffle slab or Flat Grid very less amount of steel is used.

Bridges, Residences, Type and usage of Waffle Slab

1. Concrete waffle slab is used to make industrial and commercial construction.
2. Wood waffle slab and metal waffle slab is used to make other construction.
3. This type of material is generally used to make airport, parking garage.
4. Flat Grid is good for large working area like foundation or floors.
5. Flat grid is used in particular project like clean rooms and places required low frequency vibration.
6. Specifically, it is used to make ceiling and floor slabs.
7. This type of slab is used in wood, metal and concrete construction.

Advantages of Flat Grid

1. Flat Grid has the ability to carry lots of load.
2. Weight of Waffle slabs is lighter than others.
3. This type of slab is perfect for 7m to 16m.
4. Steel and metal amount is very low in Flat Slab.
5. This type of slab is cheaper than others.
6. This type of slab requires light framework.
7. In Waffle slab coffer style is generally exposed for visual appearance.
8. Using of this type of slab is overall affordable in large area construction.

Disadvantages of Flat Grid

1. To make this type of construction skilled laboure and proper supervision is required.
2. Moulds or casting form cost is way more expensive.
3. This type of slab reduces headroom.
4. This type of slab increases storey heights.
5. Waffle slab creates problem in lighting facilities and hanging pipes.

Required Framework for Flat Grid

1. Vertical support stand is required for Flat Grid
2. Horizontal shaped beam is required in Waffle slab
3. Different type of pods is required.
4. Wall connectors are needed in Flat Grid
5. Metal bars are also used in Flat Grid
6. Cube junctions are also required in Waffle Slab
7. Hole plates can be used in Flat Grid.

Services using Waffle Slab

1. Waffle slab can be used in electricity and telecommunication area
2. It can also be used inside registrable tile system.
3. This type of slab is circulated through ceiling
4. It is easy to clean, required plenum ventilation.
5. It can also be repaired without stopping the whole process.

Example of Waffle slab

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, India.
2. Metropol Parasol, Italy.
3. Lodytel communication development center, Spain.

Service Provider

There are various service providers available in India.

A. Supreme Fiber Glass Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai.
B. Envo Plast in Kolkata.
C. Teknik Kalip in Mumbai and Bangalore.
D. Utracon in Gujrat.
E. Geo Plast in Chennai.
F. Maruti Plastics in Mumbai.

What's new in Flat Grid

There are services available in this new Flat Grid. Spanish architects, Alarcon & Associates have modified this new Waffle Slab.

1. Air conditioning option is available here.
2. Plumbing is also provided in this type of slab.
3. Lightning is also available in this system.
4. Insulation materials is the new feature in this Waffle slab.
5. Wiring option is also available in this new system.

So, in this article we discuss elaborately about the Waffle slab or Flat Grid. What's new features are available right now. We also let the viewers know about the service providers in India and example of construction using Waffle slab or Flat Grid. If readers like this post please comment below this article and let us know about your opinion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Grid
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