How to find out water absorption ratio in bricks

This construction video tutorial is made on the topic of water absorption test in brick.

The video starts with selecting some bricks out of a series of bricks and keep them aside. Mark them with the numbers 1,2 and 3. These bricks have to undergo a hot pack process by immersing them into a bucket filled with hot water at the room temperature of 280C. Pour more water to maintain the adequate level of the water. Keep this suturing method continued for 24 hours.

After the completion of 24 hours the bricks are taken out from the water tank one by one. After that, with the use of a cotton cloth, the bricks are wiped off and cleaned. Now take the weights of these bricks and denote them with W2 i.e. weight of the bricks in saturated conditions. The weight is taken through a digital weighing machine. All the values of weight are recorded in a paper.

Now the bricks are transferred to a hot air oven for water hydration test at 1050C and keep them for 24 hours.

After completion of 24 hours, turn of the power of the oven and take out the bricks and put them in a tray. Now, again take the weight of the bricks through the digital weighing machine and denote them with W1 i.e. weight of the brick in dry condition. All the values are recorded in a paper.

The weight of brick in dry condition (W1) in Kg is given as follow :-
Specimen 1 = 2.896, Specimen 2 = 2.945, Specimen 3 = 2.902

Weight of Brick in Saturated Condition (W2) in Kg is given as follow :-
Specimen 1 = 3.025, Specimen 2 = 2.987, Specimen 3 = 2.980

In order to find out the percentage of water, apply the following formula :-
W2 ? W1/W1 x 100

How to find out water absorption ratio in bricks