Brief explanation of welded connection of single angle section with gusset connection

In this construction video tutorial, one can learn how to follow IS 800-2007 limit state method for developing the welded connection of the single angle section that contains gusset connection.

You will learn what exactly a welded connection is in tension members. When two members in a structure are associated using the welds, such a connection is defined as welded connection.

The elementary types of welded connections are categorized on the basis of the types of welds, position of welds and type of joint.

Depending on the type of weld, welds are categorized into fillet weld, groove weld (or butt weld), plug weld, slot weld, spot weld etc.

Welding facilitates transmission of stress directly among members removing gusset and splice plates which are essential for bolted structures. Therefore, the weight of the joint is lowest. Toward tension members, the nonexistence of holes enhances the effectiveness of the section. It includes fewer fabrication cost with regard to other methods because of execution of fewer parts and removal of operations like drilling, punching etc. and subsequently fewer labor resulting in cost reduction.

Single-angle compression members belong to simple structural components. It is very complicated to make analysis and design of these members. These members are generally associated with other members through one leg only. Therefore, the load is employed eccentrically.

A gusset plate is made of a thick sheet of steel used for linking various structural steel elements like beams and girders to columns as well as uniting truss members. The gusset plate is set up at the juncture of two or more adjoining beams, chords, or columns. It is tied to each steel framing member with bolts, rivets or welding or an amalgamation of the three. The objective of the gusset plates is to connect the steel together as well as provide strength and support to each joint. These are mostly found in bridges and buildings as well as other structures.

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Brief explanation of welded connection of single angle section with gusset connection