Bill of quantities (BOQ) - Its Importance, Merits, and Demerits

BOQ or the Bill of Quantities is nothing but the brief paperwork made by cost consultants that provide knowledge about a particular project. This document provides accurate knowledge of the specific measurements of the materials likely to be used in a project. Quantities may be valued in numbers, area, volume, weight, or time.

This documentation is usually prepared after the panning and estimation is made regarding its structure specifications and final costs. Bill of Quantities is a document that is used in presenting the items, amount of labor, and materials to be used for construction purposes. It also provides to come to a mutual understanding between the clients and the main contractor.

A BOQ is a document prepared by usually the quantity surveyor or cost consultant, to locate the quantity and quality of a contractor’s job in relating to the construction of a structure.

An ideal BOQ has a fixed tabular shape, similar to the estimated cost form, but the difference is that the left corner “rate “column remains blank. The Estimated rates of the labor, items, and materials are filled later.

It is basically preparing to invite clients and investors, and later the contractor puts the final rates and amounts. On the proper mutual ground, these rates are to be finalized by both clients and investors.

Importance of BOQ

• It helps all the contractors to compare the items and materials price for better job opportunities.
• Bill of quantities provides a basic idea about a project by judging its quantities to tender.
• Bill of Quantities also evaluates the scope of a particular project.
• By using BOQ contract sum can be predicted.
• It provides the best basis for evaluation of the project, its tender comparison, and contract comparison.

Merits of BOQ

1. Provide work details – BOQ involves a brief calculation of all the materials and items needed to complete a project. Therefore, it gives a transparent idea of the costs the materials could take. The contractors and clients can easily evaluate the workings of the construction since BOQ provides us with the appropriate quantities of items used.

2. Identifies the problem – If the contractors know the work progress, they can easily identify the problems related to the construction of the project.

3. Project Planning Assistance – A most important part of any project is planning, the same way in construction, proper planning relating to the Bill of Quantities is essential. With a brief quantity of items and materials listed in BOQ half of the planner’s job is sorted.

4. Avoid Guesswork – BOQ allows the project planner to be more accurate in its planning rather than doing guessing work which will help inefficiency of work and transparent overview.

5. Time Duration defines – With the help of BOQ, the time management can be verified relating to its supply duration, which results in an increase in work speed will help to finish the construction in time.

Demerits of BOQ

1. BOQ’s accuracy depends on the planner or cost evaluator’s knowledge.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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2. Large costing errors can occur if BOQ is found incorrect.

3. It is only appropriate in the procurement procedure.

4. BOQ may lengthen the documentation process which results in an increase in construction costs.

Bill of quantities (BOQ) - Its Importance, Merits, and Demerits