Consequences of Wrong Structural Design

This construction article sheds light on the causes of improper structural design.

Defects in Construction

Improper size of the Columns

If the size of the columns is 9?x9? and the building is likely to be built up to G+2 floors that is really unfavorable for the structure. It may cause structural failure and in due course structural collapse.

9?x9? size columns are suitable when it is required to build up a ground floor structure with M15 grade concrete. If it is necessary to build up another floor (G+1), the least size of the column should not be under 9?x12? with M15 grade concrete.

If it is required to utilize smaller columns (9?x9?); M20 grade concrete must have been utilized and the construction should not be started unless the client gives approval.

Incorrect alignment of the columns

The columns are not arranged in a straight line. When a wall is going to be developed connecting the columns, it becomes complicated to have a straight wall. It is so inaccurate. It is confusing how the beams will rest on the columns.

Incorrect wall construction

The construction process of the outside wall is also imperfect. The walls are not merged at a particular corner. If there is not a column construction in a corner, two beams approach together and rest on each other to provide strong support to the structure.

Consequences of Wrong Structural Design