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SCAD Office 21.1 is useful for perfect structural design



SCAD Soft launched SCAD Office 21.1 to simplify structural design process. This construction program only supports windows platform. With integrated graphics environment useful for developing a design as well as evaluating its analysis results, the users will be able to model any simple or complicated structure.


Superior processing core facilitates the users to find out solutions concerning large dimension (hundreds of thousands freedom degrees) in linear and geometric non-linear formation.


There is an extensive library containing finite elements for modeling bar, plate, solid and combined structures, modules of stability analysis, building design stress combinations, verifying stressed state of structural elements in accordance with several failure theories, determining forces through which a fragment provides an effect the complete structure, measuring forces and displacement due to loading combinations. The system also takes in routines for selecting reinforcement for ferroconcrete structural elements and for validating cross-sections of steelwork structural elements.


Program-satellites for analysis and design of structural elements

. COMET - design of joints of steel structures based on SNiP and DBN
. KRISTALL - assessment and analysis of steel structural elements based on SNiP, DBN, Eurocode 3 (together with the analysis of the damaged structures)
. ARBAT - Analysis and reinforcement selection for reinforced concrete structural elements based on SNiP
. COMEIN - Analysis of masonry and reinforced masonry structural elements according to SNiP and DBN.
. MONOLIT - Design of in-situ ribbed floors
. WEST (wind, snow, temperature) - analysis based on SNiP and DBN
. CROSS - Calculation of subsoil parameters on the basis of geotechnical investigations
. ZAPROS - Analysis of soil and foundation members based on SNiP and DBN
. DECOR - Assessment of timber structural elements based on SNiP and DBN
. SLOPE - Stability analysis of slopes.


Link for download An Integrated System For Finite Element Structural Analysis

Programs for building cross-sections and the analysis of their geometrical characteristics


. Section Builder - Development of built-up cross-sections and the analysis of their characteristics
. CONSUL - Creation and analysis of arbitrary cross-sections of bar elements
. SEZAM - equivalent cross-section selection
. TONUS - Development of thin-wall cross-sections and the analysis of their characteristics.


SCAD Office 21.1


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